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LoValTech (LVT) was founded 1 year ago to support the ambitious research project of the University of Tours and the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE)

We are engaged in the industrial development phase of a new generation protein nasal vaccine against Covid-19 available to the world population.

Today, our universal vaccine is the only one in the world capable to :

  • Stop the transmission of the virus and
  • Protect against variants of the future

In addition, our vaccine can be stored at positive temperature, which makes it usable by the entire world population, in terms of logistics.

Finally, LVT will benefit from its End-to-End Platform to develop innovative vaccines against infectious diseases with high unmet medical need such as Flu, Bronchiolitis or Malaria.

Within one year, we succeeded in performing the preclinical studies and we have completed the GMP vaccine production, to get the clinical batches in time and start the clinical studies Phase I/II in September 2023 (First in human). These studies are already sponsored by ANRS-MIE and will be performed by the CIC of Hôpital Cochin of Paris and CHRU Bretonneau of tours.

In 2022, we have been awarded i-Lab and Tours Métropole Top Entreprises, and selected by the French Tech Rise and Hello Tomorrow.

I would like to take the opportunity to thanks all our partners and supports, my Associates and more globally my Team and the BioMAP Team for the great job done during this past year.


Patrick Barillot,

CEO, LoValTech


MESRI; ANRS-MIE ; Inserm Transfert; Université de Tours; INRAE; BPI France; DRARI; INPI; Devup; Région Centre val de Loire; Guillaume St Cricq; Le Lab’O; Stéphanie Rist; ANR CCI Touraine; Covireivac; CIC Bretonneau; Hôpital Cochin; Plateforme Primmo https://www.primmo.chr-orlé; GTP Bioways; Aptar; ZAZ Ventures; Medspray; C.Ris Pharma; La French Tech Rise; MabDesign; Euraxi; Icosa; Rommel consulting; Groupey

Nominations d’Isabelle Dimier-Poisson

Nomination au sein de l’EFIS (European Federation of Immunological Societies) Vaccine Task Force en tant que représentante des connaissances immunologiques de la France au niveau européen.

Nomination au sein du Comité d’Experts de l’ITMO I3M pour son expertise et ses connaissances scientifiques dans le but d’instaurer une nouvelle dynamique au sein de ce comité.

Nomination au sein de la Commission scientifique spécialisée n°55 (CSS 5) “Immunologie, microbiologie, infection” pour la mandature 2023-2026 de l’INSERM.

Un grand bravo à Isabelle ! Merci à tous pour votre soutien.